“So tell me about yourself.” I said in my quiet, relaxed voice.
I was sitting on a bar stool in a plush restaurant of a Ritz Carton in New York City.  She was sitting across from me. She had just ordered a Bloody Mary. I was drinking a Screwdriver.
She laughed, “I have no secrets to tell you.”
“Yes you do.” I was grinning.
“Dammit! You have a way of making me laugh. We always have so much fun. sometimes, things go a little too far, but God, you’re the best.
I make the “gun” with my hand and fire in her direction while winking. “Fo sho!
Come on. I can tell there’s something you’re hiding, Laia.”
“Okay! But only for you to hear. Promise?”
“No promises. You know I have a blog, and I write articles to go along with my photos.”
“Fine! Sometimes, you’re such a dick!”
“I know.” I cringe a little and smile back at her.
“Okay. I’ve never told anyone this, but I can bend time.”
“What the fuck, Laia? I thought you would say something like I once spent a night in jail for dadada, or something like that.”
“Really, I can bend time.”
“What do you mean you can bend time?”
“I can travel though loopholes, go back and forth, and see things. It’s really strange, but fun.”
“I’ll bet. So what’s it like to bend time?”
“I don’t know how to explain it, but have you ever been in a haunted house with a lot of people? Everyone is bumping up against each other, and to get through it, you have to push them out of the way.”
“Yeah. Once.” I was giving her a serious contemplative look. “Tell me, have you done anything interesting with it?”
“Ikon. When you were a child, around the age of 4, you were walking on a beach in Maine with your family. Do you know this story?”
“Yeah, I started to choke, and I almost died. Some lady came up from no where, stuck her hand down my throat, and pulled out a piece of candy. How do you know this story? I don’t even remember it. My mother has told me about it, and that’s all. I’ve never told anyone else.”
“I was the lady who saved you. I did it while we have been sitting here, about a minute ago.”


“I feel like I should thank you… I don’t even know how.. I mean you saved my life, and this is so weird.”
“Ah, it’s okay. I like you. You’re cool. I’m cool. Everything is cool. Haha!” Laia smiled and took a long sip of her Bloody Mary.
“Anything else you want to tell me, Laia?”
Well, I did stop when I was heading back. I stepped out of the loop, and I kind of did something a little inappropriate”
“What did you do?”
“I stopped by and took a peek at you while you were in the shower. Hey, why do you take cold showers?”
“I don’t……… Awe shit!”

Ikon Republik- I am a photographer based in Salt Lake City Utah. I also like to write. I am currently not accepting new models or work. Please check back later if you are interested in working with me. Thank you though…

Note: The story above is not real, but Laia is real. She is a friend, and we have a lot of fun when we shoot. Sometimes, we have too much fun, and she has a really nice bum.🙂 She knows it too.



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