Advice For Those Who Love.

This is speech I heard at a wedding that I photographed a few years back. I got the notes out because I need to read them. With things that have happened in my life lately, I just want to think about what this great lady had said.

This speech was given by the grandmother of the groom, and please be aware that my notes are not perfect.

“You’re a lovely couple. I see the smiles on your faces, and I know you have a good life ahead. Making a marriage isn’t about how you handle the good times. It’s what you do during the bad times, the hard times. Some very common advice I hear at wedding is ‘Don’t go to bed mad.’ or  ‘If you’re fighting, get naked because that will end the fight.’ Both of these are bad ideas.

Your relationship is like a bucket, and when its full of good things, you grow. When it’s filled with rotten things, it rots. If you fight, like I did with my husband, it will get nasty. It’s just human nature to want to win. Most of the time, a good sleep will clear your head. It gives you time to think about what and who is important. It will make you think about who is right. If you’re right, don’t rub it in. If your wrong, say you’re sorry.

Some things you will never figure out, and you will fight over them till the day you die.  Other problems you will solve. Know the ones you can solve, and know the ones you can’t. Your grandfather hated going to the movies. I loved them. We always fought over going, but we knew that it was a difference between me and him.
He wasn’t good at everything, but everyday, he would ask me a question to find something new about me he didn’t know. What a sweet man. I miss him. I miss his questions.
Do a few things right, and one day, one of you will bury the other. That’s a good thing. It’s hard, but good. I hope that’s how it ends for you. I love you both. Cheers!”
She sat down.

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