How The “Secret” Ruined Your Life!

slc_photographer-10Imagine this. You’re in a great relationship, and you love and trust the person because they tell you truth. That is the most important thing in any relationship. One day, you are out and about, and someone you don’t even know walks up to you and says,”I have a secret about your lover.” They tell you.
The secret isn’t life shattering, but what hurts most is that your lover didn’t tell you the whole truth, only part of it. This, in your eyes, is a betrayal. Now, your lover is a liar, and everything falls apart. Sadly, this happens a lot in life because if part of the truth is a lie, then, it poisons the whole truth.


I think, in life, there is so much gray area, and possibly, we don’t know the whole truth on anything. What I’m getting at is that movie/book called The Secret that was released a few years back was fucked up and a lie! So who I am to call something so wide spread and successful a scam? I’m just a fucking photographer in Salt Lake City, Utah. Right? Right.

The thing is, it doesn’t work. If it did, that would awesome!

Growing up, my mother had this saying, “If you wish in one had and poop in the other, guess which one gets filled the fastest?” Take a guess. I dare you!

Besides being a serious sicko, she was right! Fuck. I hate that! Hey, Mom! Love you, and thank you for that!

…It doesn’t work because they didn’t tell the whole truth. 

It’s like this. I want a Ferrari Diablo because they’re cool. If I think about it hard enough.. POP! There it is in my driveway! Wow. It’s full of gas, and there’s a sexy, hot girl in the front. She’s feeding me chocolate pudding!
Perfect! My life is complete…  but guess what?! Dammit. That’s now how life works.

Shhhh. Here is the real secret!

The secret is that the stumblr_o39blewqbf1sgl0ajo1_500ecret is bullshit.

However, visualization does work!!!!!!!!

Right now, you might be thinking… “WTF is up with this dude? Does it work or not?  Inquiring minds what to know!”

Truth: It does work when done correctly.

Maxwell Maltz wrote a book called Psycho Cybernetics a few years back. It was probably before some of you were born, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read it. Old people know shit. Promise!

In the book, he outlines the right way to visualize.

Here is a quick overview because chances are 97 percent of you won’t go out and get it.(Really, you should. You can buy it used for 3 dollars. Get it!)


Maltz discusses two basket ball teams.
For two weeks, he has both teams practice free throwing. If you don’t know what a free throw is, sorry, you’re on your own.
Anyhow, the first team is on the court for an hour everyday shooting and getting better.
The second team is laying on a couch practice free throws in their head.
I know what you’re thinking.. That’s not practice. They’re napping.
No, they are practicing.
They are laying down visualizing correctly.  They have the ball. They feel it in their hands. They think about their footing. They imagine the people around them. They imagine the smells of the court. They imagine the feel of the ball leaving their hands. They think about their finger placement on the ball. They see the ball as it enters the hoop.

12241613_365009030290191_2670133321765229862_nThey just imagined the entire process from start to success. That’s what you have to do!
The Secret teaches us to focus on the prize. It teaches us to focus on end. It doesn’t teach you to focus on the process that gets you there.  Life doesn’t work that way. If you want the reward, you do the work.

In order to implement visualization, imagine the entire process.
Here is an example.
Let’s say I want a Ferrari. If I just imagine the Ferrari in my driveway someday, I will become depressed because Ferrari’s don’t fall out of the sky.
Imagine every little part of the process.
I know that when I write a blog post you visit, read it, and a certain percentage of you will like what I write. You will want to hire me to shoot or teach you photography.
That’s one way to create a sales funnel and start the process of making money to get the Ferrari.

For 10 minutes every night, I lay in bed and see in my head me writing a post. I see my hands on the keys. I see myself adding photos for you viewing pleasure. I see me hitting the publish button. I see myself posting it other places. I see you reading it. I imagine you thinking…..Hmm. This guy is kinda cool. I might message him. I think I want to learn about photography. I imagine a money exchange. There you go. That is how I begin. That is visualizing the process and that is the correct way of getting the Ferrari.

For years, this idea didn’t click, and then, one day it did.

8566566931_6f587aa44f_o-1When I got it, my life changed.

I had motivation and things started happening.

I think I would be the biggest asshole in the world if I didn’t share this with you. Part of success is helping others. This is one of my gifts to you. I hope you use it, and I hope it changes your life.

If you found this post valuable share it! I promise you it will make the world a lot better place than if you just give them a Coke!

Bonus. Have you ever heard of the liars Paradox? It goes like this.

This sentence is a Lie.

Think about it. 😉

Thank you for taking the time to read. I appreciate it! Visit my IG to see more of my work. I also sell art on Artfinder.

8566566791_dbbebfe949_oIkon Republik- I am a photographer based in Salt Lake City Utah. This Cutie in the photo on the left is my son Jasper. I love him and my two other children more than I love you. Not sorry. No fucks given.

I am the founder of VEGA Magazine. I like to write. I like to play guitar. Most of the time my life is pretty awesome. I would say 86 percent awesomeness and the rest is boring. That’s just the way life is. Hey! I offer photo sessions and I teach personal photography lessons. Please message me now for a price list or to enroll in a workshop. I have two workshops that you can join right now! The Intimate Portrait Workshop or The Basic Workshop for beginners. Please give me about 3 days to respond.🙂(I’m currently  not working on getting better at checking email but sometimes it might be the same day!)


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