Hey! It Could be Worse!

slc_photographer-2I know this is never a popular subject, but it’s time for a new price list.

All workshops start at $300 and go up.
All personal lessons start at $75 per hour. There is a 3 hour minimum.
All photo sessions  begin at $350 dollars
I don’t really do weddings anymore, but if you want me to shoot your wedding, I will do it for $4,000 minimum.
Head shots are still $75.
Commercial Prices are available upon request. Call me!

Why am I raising the costs?
Have you seen health care lately? Dayum!
Hey! The good news is I’m not instituting these costs till April 2nd. I considered April 1st, but some people might think this is a joke. 🙂

slc_photographer-40Right now, you might be asking how it could be worse? Dude! I feel like I’m low balling you!

Truth: How it could be worse.

What if cows really COULD fly. What if Chicken Little WAS right? and……. What if all the things your mother said would happen to you when you were young really started happening. There you go! Proof! 🙂


Message me to enroll in a workshop or to set up a shoot. Ikonrepublik@yahoo.com

Thank you for taking the time to read. I appreciate it! Visit my IG to see more of my work. I also sell art on Artfinder.

slc_photographer-12Ikon Republik- I am a photographer based in Salt Lake City Utah.

I am the founder of VEGA Magazine. I like to write. I like to play guitar. Most of the time my life is pretty awesome. I offer photo sessions and I teach personal photography lessons.  

I have two workshops that you can join right now! The Intimate Portrait Workshop or The Basic Workshop for beginners.

Ikonrepublik@yahoo.com just in case you missed it before. 

Please give me about 3 days to respond.🙂(I’m currently  not working on getting better at checking email but sometimes it might be the same day!)

I never joke and yeah, I stole the sunglasses. 😉


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