Conflicts of Money and Happiness

IMG_2001I seem to have a conflict that I never end up solving.

It’s the conflict of time and what to do with it.

This leads me to make decisions that are financially good but also takes away the things I love to do. One of the things that brings me more happiness in life than almost anything is teaching.
I keep going back and forth and thinking that I should stop. I don’t make a lot of money teaching. I’m making more money with my magazine and ebooks and shooting.

I’m not saying money is bad and these things don’t make me happy, but teaching, I don’t know why I love it so much. I don’t think I can stop. If somethings is so special and you enjoy it so much, who cares if it’s not as profitable right? I’m not really asking for your advice. 😉


IMG_2525I’ll add more workshops soon. I’m working with a friend on an underwater model photography workshop, I’ll add a nature and scenic workshop(this one will include a camping trip, and I still have the intimate portrait workshop that is on April 2nd. The Beginners photography workshop is going to me postponed for a few weeks. I have too much going on right now.


IMG_2782Don’t forget every Sunday I have a free photo walk.

Next Sunday: March 19th at 10am

Location: City Creek Center at the Sky bridge

Bring your camera!

I have two workshops that you can join right now! The Intimate Portrait Workshop or The Basic Workshop for beginners.

Now is a great time to message me about enrolling in one of the workshops that I’m teaching.

In the Middle of April they will cost more!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  Visit my IG to see more of my work. I also sell art on Artfinder.


IMG_2476Ikon Republik- I am a photographer based in Salt Lake City Utah. This is my son. We all have our reasons for working hard. I have 3.

I am the founder of VEGA Magazine. I like to write. I like to play guitar. I offer photo sessions and I teach personal photography lessons. just in case you missed it before. 

Please give me about 1 day to respond.🙂(I currently check my email once a day!)



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