If You Are Failing As A Photographer This Is Probably The Fix You Need To Know!

A lot of my friends ask me how I keep growing my business when they have such a hard time. It’s really simple.

A few years ago I read a report about what successful photographers spend their time doing. The general break down was something like this.
10 percent of their time was spent actually shooting.
90 percent of their time was spent marketing, connecting with potential clients and running their business.
7219755118_bc9152a58e_oI sat back when I saw that and thought about my life and what I was doing. I was spending 90 percent of my time shooting and editing and 10 percent of my time marketing.
It was a key day in understanding why I was going nowhere. I decided to change but as you know, change happens slowly.
I started to research marketing and sales, trigger points, social science, and psychology.
I studied anything that I thought would help.
Along with how to spend your time there are 2 major things I want to point out in this post.
1. Making money off social media comes down to one main concept. It’s called reach. The more people you reach the more business you will have. Simple huh?
2. Take a look at photographers who are growing and going places or photographers who are already there. Every one who is successful in life leaves tracks, or a blueprint on how they did it. All you have to do if figure out the blue print and follow it. It takes time and patience and you’ll failing a few times to get to success, but the other option is spending your time and patience and still failing and never reaching success.  

It’s your choice. It’s your life. Success is up to you. No one else is going run your business for you, at least not the way you will. I hope helped you a little in getting there. 

Keep you’re head up and enjoy the day! It’s a beauty! Thank you for visiting and reading.


Don’t forget every Sunday I have a free photo walk.

Next Sunday: March 26th at 10am

Location: City Creek Center. We will meet by the water fountain.

  The Cherry Blossoms are out! Let’s get some great shots!

Don’t forget to bring your camera and any other equipment you might need. I also stop and get Coffee at Starbucks so you’re welcome to join!

I have two workshops that you can join right now, however I am readjusting the dates so message me if you want to enroll! The Intimate Portrait Workshop or The Basic Workshop for beginners.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  Visit my IG to see more of my work. I also sell art on Artfinder.

IMG_1609Ikon Republik- I am a photographer based in Salt Lake City Utah. This is a photo of me taken by my friend Whisper McGibbons.

I am the founder of VEGA Magazine. Check it out! You should buy a copy, if you over 18.

I like to write. I like to play guitar. I offer photo sessions and I teach personal photography lessons.  

If you would like to hire me please message me.


Ikonrepublik@yahoo.com just in case you missed it before. 

Please give me about 1 day to respond.🙂(I currently check my email once a day!)


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