Success Is About Priorities And Delayed Gratification.

slc_photographer-5A friend of mine called me this week and wanted to know if she 600 dollars was a good price for a Nikon D70 with a lens. (I think that was the camera she asked about) The answer was “F No!”

She a good friend and she’s trying to start a business so she can quite her job and have more time at home with her baby.

I told her:
“ You have a Sony A6000. That’s a kick ass camera. Why do want another camera?  If I were you and I had an extra 600 I wouldn’t buy a camera. Do you know how much business you could turn 600 dollars into? Let’s say you do a really bad  job at marketing and you double it in 3 months. You have now have 1200 dollars.”
I’m going to make this crystal clear. If you are running a business and you’re not making money you’re not running a business. You have a hobby.


Professional photographers know that being a professional is more than just taking good photos.
tumblr_nuskx7Idnf1sqjuy6o1_1280 (1)If you have a hobby and you want to quite your job I would call you stupid. When I say stupid I mean it in the nicest way.
The guy who is writing this was once stupid.
The problem is that stupid leads to poor and poor leads to no money and no home.



I’m single and something that I’ve picked up on is no girl likes to hear. ” Yeah! I’ll pick you up. I have a bike. No? Not  a motorcycle. I Schwinn.



12052430_963520787038929_6135541946525267990_oAnd sure you can come back to my place. I live right over there.

Yeah. Under that bridge. Don’t worry. I know that homeless guy. That’s Joe.

He’ll just turn around when we get it bed.. I mean, I don’t have a bed but…



Don’t ever tell me money is not important because it is.
Sometimes I wonder if the reason I am so driven today is because I lost so much.

It ruined my life.  I look at things a little different. My thoughts and my priorities changed. The way I do things changed. It’s 4am in the morning and I’m writing posts because I know I won’t have time later today.



22728259947_5ec2ba8b6d_oThere is the thought in psychology that real change only happens until the pain from not changing is a greater threat to your happiness.

Sometimes I think we like to learn the hard way and failure and pain is our greatest friends and teachers.




Without those two we would be a lazy weak pathetic race who never accomplished anything.

Anyhow.. Enough of putting down the human race because we really are wonderful and amazing!

Here is how I think now. Maybe you should consider thinking the same way if you want to make a living as a photographer.



16052691425_fb449bbfe1_oYou are a business person who takes photos for a living.
You shoot when there is a purpose.
You don’t waste money.
You don’t waste time.
You prioritize.
You find what works and go with it.
You change and modify when you have to.
You are driving my results.
Sale means money.
Marketing means sales.
Your camera is a tool to make money.
If  you don’t make money you Fucked.
I don’t want to work at Walmart.

My response to anyone who wants to make money at photography is “Do not buy another camera.”



Spend your money and time  on marketing and growing your business.
15872137573_0bc37c562c_oTake a self-mastery course if you must.  Take a course on marketing.

Get up at 4 am and write blog posts.

Have a budget.

Work on setting your business up correctly.



Do the things that are tough.

Learn the things you don’t want to because you are probably one two skills away from having everything you want.



If you want a new camera, wait.

It’s called delayed gratification. (read more about it by clicking on the blue) Along with doing what’s best for your business when you wait you to buy something you shouldn’t you are also doing what’s best for you!



Keep you’re head up and enjoy the day! It’s a beauty! Thank you for visiting and reading.


Don’t forget every Sunday I have a free photo walk.

Next Sunday: March 26th at 10am

Location: City Creek Center. We will meet by the water fountain.

  The Cherry Blossoms are out! Let’s get some great shots!

Don’t forget to bring your camera and any other equipment you might need. I also stop and get Coffee at Starbucks so you’re welcome to join!

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13680110_10210884282088453_2567742529745194869_oIkon Republik- I am a photographer based in Salt Lake City Utah.

I am the founder of VEGA Magazine. Check it out! You should buy a copy, if you over 18.

I like to write. I like to play guitar. I offer photo sessions and I also teach personal photography lessons.  

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