47 Photographers That Will Inspire You To Dust Off Your Old Film Camera.

7495517048_12c94569f2_oA few years back I sold most of my film photography gear and bought new digital equipment. Digital photography was the new thing and I was told, and believed that soon film would disappear.  I sold my Hasselblad and few of my other beautifully built film cameras and jumped on board the Digital Gravy Train. It’s a good train and there is nothing wrong with Digital photography.

I had one camera I couldn’t sell though so it sat in my closet collecting dust and getting gritty for almost 8 years. I was married at the time and we were planning a vacation to


Yellowstone that year and I made a decision to leave my digital cameras at home and take 10 rolls of film and one camera. I dusted off my old Leica M3 and stuck it back in the leather carrying case that it came in. You might not know anything about Leica Cameras, but of you only know one thing know this: They are works of Art. They’re not just cameras.

It was and still is the most beautiful camera I ever owned( the strap broke 2 years ago and I fell to the ground.. Damaged… Broken. I will replace it soon)


I didn’t see the images from that trip for 3 weeks after we returned home, but when I saw them I remember feelings of pure joy and wonder.  I fell in love with film, again! It’d been years since I took a shoot with Tmax 400 or Tri-X film. Those images still blow me away and now that I am divorced those images are some of the most beautiful, classic images I have of my children and family. If you offered me a million dollars to destroy them I would say “No”.


About the Leica M3:

There is something strange about using this camera. There is no Light meter. When I shot with it I used the sunny 16 rule, which is mostly an educated guess. There is no depth of field preview and in essence it’s a basic mechanical camera. I used to wonder why it was so  intoxicating to shoot and then it hit me one day: In a complicated and busy world, for me the most beautiful things are simple and clear.

It’s like love. You don’t love people who stress you out and complicate your life. You love people that are comfortable and that make like life feel is simple and easy. Maybe a better way to describe it is the Chaos Theory. There is no Chaos in Leicas. They’re simple machines.

7499521074_70bc6fc99b_oI’ve include a few of the images I took years ago in this post but the real reason behind writing this is to show you the range and beauty of film. I hope this post inspires you to get that old Canon AE-1 out of your closet and buy a few rolls and shoot it. If you don’t have a film camera maybe it’ll inspire you to buy an one and try something new and exciting.

You can get film cameras almost anywhere. Pawn shops, Thrift stores, online.

7497164854_b0007c787c_oAnd!!! You can get film at Walmart, Online, even your local drug store or local camera store!

To develop it locally first but indie labs is an affordable and great option. I use Allen’s Camera almost exclusively. I know them and I’ve built a friendly relationship and that is gold to me!

I’ve created a list of 47 Photographers who mostly shoot film for you! I’m grateful to call of few of them friends. Someday maybe I will be lucky enough to call all of them friends. Here you go!


Film Photographers That Will Inspire You:

Michael Prince

Hjalti Jakobsson
Lou Noble
Matt Osborne
Jan Scholz
Ryan Muirhead
Parker Fitzgerald
Мasha Zhdanava
Manuel Braun
Sophia Jenny
Marius Filipoiu
Aleksandra Patova
Sergey Savelo
Julia Sysoeva
Mich Alias
Jon Rose
Evan F. Humphreys

Hernan Andres Polcanco Vergara

Leo Berne

Joe Valtierra
Sasha Kozlova

Lefteris Vaiopoulos
Inese Aleksa
Frederic Dargelas
Tony Kearney
Paul Reid
kenny Ip
Alexey Dubinsky
Mike Stacey
La Fille Renne
Maggie Pardo
Santiago Gamero
Syaraku Freak
Chihiro Tanaka
Jérémie Mazenq
Andreas Ulvo
Eric Vanden
Angie Muldowney
Ruediger Beckmann
Lucio Volpe
Anton Park

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