10 Simple Exercises You Can Do To Increase Your Creativity.

Every once in a while I hear someone say. “I’m just not a creative person. I gotta tell you something. I used to think and say the same thing. Do you think it’s strange that as a photography I thought this? I do.


I don’t think that about myself now but I did have to figure a few things out and one of them was we have the ability to be creative inside of us. Some of us just lock it away and sometimes you just gotta break the lock and open the door. These are a few proven techniques that can help you unlock your door.


1. Turn off your television

When you watch TV you are a consumer. Part of the trick to being creative it create.TV Sucks your time and it’s the time you should use to create. Just the act of creating something or anything how you start to become creative.
2. Exercise everyday.
Fitness is important for brain power and the ability to focus. Not to mention, it can relieve stress. It can get rid of pain. I used to have a sore shoulder. I got in a fight when I was younger. It hurt for years. When I started to exercise and strengthen it, the pain went away.  If it starts to hurts again I just lift weights for a few minutes and the pain is gone.. but that never happens now. It’s just gone. No pain also helps me focus and focusing is important for creativity.


3. Study creative people and what they accomplished.
Enough said.

4. Keep a journal

Use pen and paper. Spend time making notes and writing down special moments in your life. In 6 months go back and read what you wrote. Think about how you can make this into art.


5. Walk in the rain
..and when you do, I want to feel it. Feel how cold the rain is.  Feel it dripping down your face. Feel the world around you. Notice the little things. Notice the sounds. Notice the feeling as you dry yourself off with a towel. You are creating an experience that you can recall later.

6. Make 5 post cards.
Do it just for you! Don’t worry about what others will think of them. Use pencils, crayons, scissors, what ever you want. Make  a mess. Draw outside the lines. There are no rules and you have no boundaries. Have fun!

7.Get up early and watch the sun rise.
Get out of your bed. Get up early. Spend time outside.


8.Get out in Nature
Go camping. Unplug. Reset yourself. Take time to reflect and think about simple things. Think about joy and happiness. Think about sadness and death. Just get away and take time to think. Fresh air is good for you too so being outside is great for  your health.

9. Listen to new music
Spend time doing new things in general. Expand your horizon. Go to a new vacation spot. Change things up.

1o. Meditate
Meditating is a great exercise and a few of the benefits are:

  1. Better sleep
  2. Thinking clearer
  3. Calmness and happiness
  4. More creativity

Hey!nI hope you had a great day!

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