Understanding Aperture Can Drastically Improve Your Photographs!

Aperture is a term for a measurable expression of how much light is entering a camera lens. F/stop is a number assigned to a specific Aperture. In the camera Aperture helps control two things.
If you get rid of the all the jargon basically what this means is The aperture is the hole in your lens that allows you to control how much light gets into your camera.

You have another way to control the light too and its called your shutter, but we’re just going to go over how to use your Aperture in your camera for this post.
Along with the light the aperture has a one other main function, Depth of field.
Depth of field basically how you control what is in focus and out of focus in your photo. Do you ever wonder how some photographers get shots with beautiful blurry backgrounds? This is why and this is what you are about to learn!
1. Exposure
2. Depth of Field

Lets discuss Exposure first.
I find the best way to make anyone “get it” is to make a comparison to something that you have around you in everyday life.
You know those things in your head that let you see… Eyeballs…
I’m lucky because I have two and maybe you got lucky too but if you didn’t it’s o.k. I have an uncle with one eye and he’s cool!
Go to the bathroom..(I’m not trying to be gross. There is a reason for this!)
I want you to take a look at your eyeball. Yeah! Get right up to the mirror and look in it. See the black part in the middle? That’s your pupil.
It’s probably kinda big. The reason it’s big is that your bathroom is probably a little dark. It’s like a hole in your eye that lets light in so if it’s dark the hole has to be bigger to let more light in.
Now! Go get a flashlight. Point it straight into your eye and if you did things right and you’re not a alien they pupil should have gotta smaller. The reason is now there is more light so your pupil doesn’t need to let as much light in.
Your pupil basically control the amount of light your eye needs to make an image your brain can interpret.
Your pupil is for you what the aperture is for the camera.

10872847_10206058845375551_7196292464983739991_oThe other things that the aperture controls is Depth of field.

If you use  a large aperture such as f/1.2 or f.18 your photo will have Shallow Depth of Field. What that means is the back ground will be out of focus.  Why do you want to use shallow depth of field?
Let’s say your photographing a senior portrait and you have a tree in the background.
You want to make sure that the senior get the best shot that makes them feel great and all their friend love the shot. You know that if the tree is in focus it can  be a distraction and since the tree is not the one who is paying for the photos you think… Hmm. I think that the tree in the background will look good but if I can make it blurry the senior will stand out and I will take something great that the mother and father of this soon to be college student will have on their wall and love forever.
That is when you turn the dial on your camera to 1.8 and shoot.

---_00059Later in the month, after you made so much money shooting seniors you decide to take a vacation and spend some time relaxing in the mountains. You bring your camera because you love what you do and mountains are fun to photograph. That evening your standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking a lake (or maybe you’re in Yellowstone)  and it’s so beautiful and you pull out your camera and you think…
---_00074 (2)My subject is the entire scene. I won’t shoot it the same way I shot the senior. That’s when you set your aperture to f/22 and you take the beautiful photo that later that year you hang on your wall. A friend comes in and loves the photo and wants to buy a print so you sell one. Later that year a friend of hers, who owns a home decor store sees the image and asks about it and a month later you get a call and you talk and the home decor store wants to buy 10 up front and if they sell they will order more.

And that’s all there is too it folks.


I hope you’re having a great day!

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