102 Ways To Live Happier!

I’m having a hard time sleeping lately because of construction right outside my window. A few years back I used to be part of a team who wrote health blog posts but the project died and I was left with posts and nothing to do with them. Tonight I revisited the blog and was reading and found this one and it helped me so maybe it can help you too. This is usually a blog about photography, but really my main goal is to give you thoughts that can help you in your life, even if they’re not about photography.

So these are 102 of my favorite stress busters. I co wrote this post over 3 years ago.

I recommend choosing 1 to 3 of these and creating a habit of doing it everyday. Studies show it takes 4 to 6 weeks to for a habit. Practice what you choose everyday for 6 weeks and then move on the the next “Stress Buster.”


IMG_15171.Start the day right with mind blowing sex. Scientific studies show  morning sex  is the best way to start out the day. What if your single? Maybe it’s time you put a little effort into finding a great long term relationship. Think about a relationship as an investment. A good investment pays off in more than one way.

2. Go on a hike. Nature does wonders.

3. Get a pet.
2. Just forgive.
3. Don’t obsess
4. Take short breaks during the day.

5. Meditate daily.
5. Do one thing at a time.
6. Don’t overthink.
7. Don’t judge others.
8. Say what you mean.
9. Only add to your “to do” list after crossing 2 things off.
10. Buy something new and get rid of something old.

slc_photographer-3211. Give yourself some genuine approval.
12. Perfection is overrated. Believe it.
13. Let go of control.
14. Don’t get emotionally invested in unimportant people.
15. The past is where it should be. In the past. Let go!
16. Know that almost everything is temporary.
17. Ask yourself. Will it be important in 2 years? Probably not.
18. Watch stand up comedy. Laugh everyday.
19. Don’t be so serious. Yeah. You!
20. Use Touchstone Triggering to enhance the positive.



21. Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t even compare yourself to yourself. Just know where you are going.
22. Smile at everyone!
23. Start every conversation with a stranger. (You know the the guy or girl  you wanted to talk to while you were getting groceries? Why didn’t you? Just be friendly)
24. Don’t worry about the future. It doesn’t exist.
25. Nothing is an emergency until you make it an emergency so don’t.
26. Exercise every single day!
27. Sleep. If you can’t then you need to train your body so you can. (It can be done.)
28. Eat healthy food. When you eat crap you feel like crap and your not fully living when you feel like crap.
29. Express gratitude. Tell someone you love them.
30. Choose walking or ride a bike and leave your car at home. If your work is 7 miles away at the end of the day you just rode 14 miles from home and back. Way to go!



31. Connect with the earth. It will help you feel grounded.  
32. Put up a bird feeder and watch birds.
33. Don’t watch the news, ever! 
34. Listen to calming music that makes you feel good.
35. Get an answering machine or service. Make others wait. You are your first priority.
36. Learn to wake up naturally with out an alarm clock. Everyone hates their alarm and starting the day out by being scream at till you’re awake is not the best way to being a day.
37. Go to the beach or river and soak up the rays.
38. Do one nice thing for yourself every  day.
39. Do something nice for someone else every single day.
40. Tell a friend how much they mean to you.



51. Laugh at yourself.
52. Be a little early to parties and dates. Don’t feel rushed.
53. Make peace of mind a high priority in your life. Meditation is key!
54. Find ways to express your creativity regularly. Take an art class or photography class.
55. Do an hourly brain dump for 30 seconds. Let it all go.
56. Hang out with happy, fun people.
57. Never complain. If something bothers you take action.
58. Don’t use words like stressed out, worried, or pressured.
59. Never rush through a meal.  Enjoy every bit.
60. Maintain you energy levels by Eating smaller meals during the day instead of 3 big meals.

61. Reduce spending and work toward being debt free. Pay yourself first. 10% into saving every month.
62. Lighten your material load. More stuff = more stress!
63. Practice unplugging from the electronic world.
64. Read for pleasure and relaxation.
65. Call a friend. Don’t text.
66. Inhale calm, exhale tension.
67. Identify and eliminate things that drain your energy.
68. Don’t flog your adrenals with more coffee, get some rest. Coffee in the morning is great. After that leave it alone.
69. Interact with positive people as much as you can.
70. If it’s not your problem let someone else deal with it.

salt-lake-city-photographer-5-271. Get a hobby that captures your focus. Photography maybe? 🙂
72. Never respond to or repeat gossip, you always regret it later.
73. Only think positive thoughts about your future.
74. Be realistic with the demands you put on yourself.
75. Take care of your health, 90% of illness is stress related.
76. Don’t make up imaginary problems.
77. Maintain an optimistic perspective.
78. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
79. Reasonably schedule your time.
80. Accept that everything takes longer than you think and nothing goes as you think it should.

81. Use applied focus sessions to create more free time.
82. Stop trying to do everything yourself. Get some help. Delegate.
83. Never argue with  people. They will make you mad and at the end of the day you both lose.
84. Adopt a stress free attitude because it’s all perception.
85. Remember that negative life lessons have great value.
86. Counter stress with anti-stress ideas and actions.
87. When you’re feeling down and out take time to help other people.
88. Get rid of anything or anyone that makes you miserable.
89. Don’t expect too much. You will being disappointed. 
90. Remember; first come the struggles and then the rewards. Most people want it all without working for it.

91. Don’t stress out trying to get everyone to agree with you. It’s ok to make enemies. That means you’re doing something instead of nothing at all.
92. Never say or think “what if”.
93. Take every opportunity to be encouraging to others. Build other up, don’t knock them down.
94. Live in the present instead of thinking of the past.
95. View challenges as opportunities.
96. Unchain Yourself from conventional thinking myths. 
97. Multitasking creates stress and lowers productivity, don’t do it. Focus on one project at a time.
98. Believe that if it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger unless it’s a grizzly bear.
99. Harness the anti-stress Power of self talk.
100. Life isn’t fair but it is still a gift, be grateful for it.

101. Forgive yourself for every mistake you’ve ever made.

102. Forgive others for their offenses against you.


I hope you’re having a great day!

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