One Simple Concept You Can Use To Learn Photography Or Anything Fast!

If you have taken a basic class from me you have heard that I give a 10% discount IF You enroll in the intermediate class while still in Basic class. There is a reason I do this and it’s not because I want to up sell you.  Money is cool but I’ll tell you want I’ve learned. You don’t get money if you don’t do a good job at what you do. You have to get results and you have to add value to other peoples lives.

IMG_3618If all I cared about was money I wouldn’t offer that discount. It’s a little thing. It’s not much but I offer for another reason. It’s because taking two classes at once is what’s best for you.

There are a few concepts you can use when learning and one is Immersion.

Immersions works for a few reasons and I will give you two. This is number one!

Back in High school you might have taken a foreign language class like Spanish or German. I’ll bet if you think back the were pretty hard classes. You would spend an hour a day for 5 days practicing and learning and then have homework along with 5 or 6 other subjects. Just the fact that your brain had to switch back from all those different things made it hard to learn.



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Compare this to another way of learning.

You want to learn Spanish so you buy a plane ticket and head to Spain for 6 months. When you arrive you have one thing on your mind… You want to learn Spanish.

For the next 6 months that’s all you focus on. You eat, sleep and drink Spanish.

A funny thing happens, and it happens at a little different rate for everyone but it still happens. Four weeks in something just clicks. All of the sudden you go to order your meal and you understand what the waiter is saying.

Immersion is the reason I offer you a discount! I want you to immerse yourself and be the best photography you can be. I know it’s the best thing for you and I know you get the most for your money!


The number 2 logical reason why Immerse works:

I understand how it can make sense to some peoples logic that if you wait till you are finished with one class to take the next it will be easier for you to learn… And you are correct but the problem is the word “EASIER”. EASIER does not always mean better or what is best. The easy path is not the way of growth. If you want to grow and become the best at something you do things that challenge you and add a little stress to your life.

Go to any gym and look at the strongest people. Ask them if they took the easy way.

Go to the gym and look at the people who do the easy things and don’t stress their body.

Weight the results. Nothing great in life comes from doing easy things. Everything great in life comes from doing things that are uncomfortable, stress you out and push you beyond your comfort zone.

So do yourself a favor next time you want to become great at something. Don’t do it the easy way. Make sure you are confused or stressed and push yourself.

I know that you will come out ahead and you will grow faster if you take several classes/workshops at the same time.  Please take advantage of the opportunity to save a little money and take advantage of the concept of Immersion!


When I started teaching at Salt Lake City Photography School I wanted to be the best teacher ever so I used these same concepts to learn out to teach. And yes! I still spend hours every week learning! I do it so I can a better photographer and so I can teach you and give you the newest and most up to date advice around!


I was impressed with all I learned in the class. Ikon has a hands on easy going style which I found to be most refreshing. Ikon is laid back and it’s like learning from an old friend. He even helped me sell my 1st print. Taking his class is money well spent!Jeff Sedgwick


I am so glad I took Salt Lake City Photography Schools beginner photo class. It definitely helped me improve my photography skills. I learned about ISO, light, f-stops, shutter speeds long exposure, depth-of-field, white balance…and most important to NEVER shoot in auto mode! Great Class! Awesome Teacher! So worth it! Thank you Ikon!Melanie Allington


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IMG_1792Ikon Republik- I am a photographer based in Salt Lake City Utah.

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Have a great day!


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