Today I woke up around 6.

I never sleep that well the first night after I start traveling. I headed to 3 cups coffee shop and sat down to work for a few hours. I worked more on IMG_7948organization of my Lightroom catalog. I ran into one of my good friends Halle. We talked for a few and she told me she missed me and I miss her too.
I edited a few older images and then I started to chat with Vee. We have dates for workshops. Our goal is to teach a workshop in every state of the USA In the next 3 years. We have a basic road map now and are putting a strategy together. I was tired of sitting in the coffee shop(cause I only got about 3 hours of sleep) so I headed over to my friend Heather’s house and talked to her for a few. I decided I really needed a nap so I went out to my van and took one. While I was sleeping. Vee was chatting with local models when I woke up she messaged meand tomorrow at 4 I shoot with Christelle. I’m looking forward to meeting her. Then I headed out to do some errands and up to the mountains to relax. I miss being in the mountains. I cooked some beans and took a IG story of it. I love living in a van. I love traveling and I love teaching and making other peoples live better.
Oh.. And I also talked to a friend about teaching a workshop for him..Which Is one of the things that I am about to introduce!

IMG_7958If you want me to teach a workshop where you live I will!
I know what you will ask next.. How much? Well, I’m not cheap! But if you have an idea let’s talk. For now I am only teaching in the continental US. I am preparing a PFD that I can send you with all the information. I feel like this is a good trade. I get to teach and travel and live. You get to keep the extra income from the workshop. Yep! I’m here for you! So think about it and let me know! Oh! I’ll have my schedule available soon so you can see when by black out dates are!

On a little more personal note: Last night I hired a professional marketing company out of San Fran to take over my IG Account. They already manage my VEGA Account and they do a great job so I had them take over Ikonrepublikphoto.
The first thing Chris said I needed to do was un-follow everyone who was not following me back. I was ok with this, especially because I am not on IG for personal reasons.
But then when he started to un-follow everyone who wasn’t following me I realized a lot of people, over 700 and about 75 who I considered friends had un-followed me.
IMG_7956Years ago I worked with a model.. I won’t say her name because it’s not right to call people out.
Anyhow. I worked with her for quite a while and I considered a good friend and then one day she just stopped wanting to work with me. A year or two later I messaged her and said we should shoot. She said, ‘Na. I don’t really need shots.” And then she went on to explain she had used me and my talent. It hurt.
Today I felt a little of the same sting. I felt a little used.
IMG_7961I remember when that happened thinking I would never let myself get used again. I supposed the word never is really hard to accomplish. Still. I don’t get used very much. But today… It was a bit disappointing. But on the positive side now I know who those people are. I won’t call them when I need a model or want to create some personal work. They can pay just like everyone else now.

I have a personal belief that my relationships are more important than anything. I take them seriously and I don’t do a perfect job but I work hard to keep them healthy. I believe that good relationships are basis for a great life.

It’s o.k if other people think differently.
So I’m gonna go watch a movie soon to take my mind off things. Distractions are awesome and I don’t indulge very much in them so I’m looking forward to tonight.

Oh! One more thing. I don’t do drugs. I don’t smoke and today I made a decision to stop drinking Alcohol. I don’t drink that much and when I really consider who I am and what I want I don’t want the belly that Alcohol will give me so I’m going clean living! I’m cutting out most coffee too… Maybe a cup here or there. I’m O.K. being weird.

If you want information for Chris, who does my marketing let me know. He’s awesome and I would gladly recommend him!

Yeah. I writing these posts really fast and I’m not proofreading as much so go ahead you Grammar Nazi’s! Pickem’ apart!

That’s it!

You can reach me at 


29542539_575560679468351_1293834666086801606_nIkon Republik- I live and travel in a frickin van and I founded a magazine, VEGA Magazine.   My magazine is full of beautiful nude women and soon it will include amazing articles on how to improve your life!  Out of the last 8 months, I have spent 4 of them living in the desert, under the stars and cooking over a campfire that was made with two sticks and a bow. I believe in self sufficiency and integrity. Now you know a little about who I am.



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