Van Life

So I live in a van. As a photographer there are a lot of benefits of being mobile. I can travel anywhere and shoot. In the past I was tied to one area of the country.. where ever I lived. Now that I have a van I can shoot a wedding anywhere in the lower 48 and keep it affordable and have fun driving to and from  weddings….. So now all wedding start at 3,500.
ikon-republik-1-63Another thing I love about my van is I sleep like a friggin baby in there!I don’t know why but it’s amazing!
I can control my environment so I eat right. Six pack is coming to me soon!

I’ve figured out a few ways to start working out and I’m working on more. I’ll share them soon.
I have freedom and I can keep my bills low.
…..But not everything is easy about van life. I have to keep really organized. It’s really easy to lose something little and spend 20 minutes looking for a wire I need for my computer.

I don’t have power in there right now so charging my computers has to be done in a coffee shop or at a friends home. I have plans to change this though.
Showers are rare. Lots of times I take a wash cloth, wipe my face off and then travel down and around other awesome areas of my body.

ikon-republik-1-11However, I brush my teeth everyday. I make my bed every morning. I do my dishes and I cook in my van. I love it.


In the back of my mind I know this won’t be my life for long. I need to get a place. I have kids and I miss them terribly and I know that to be a good father I have to be stable and being stable means a place for them to stay. If I was married and we agreed, van life could work but we are divorced and living in a van doesn’t look so good in front of a judge.

ikon-republik-1-12Somehow I have always had this ability to know where things are going and when I am honest with myself I am always right. I know where I will be in 6 or 8 months.  When I lie to myself, that’s when I really screw things up. So I believe in complete honesty. I believe in integrity and I might be the best at grammar or writing but This blog will be filled with honesty. There might be some truths too, cause honesty and truth are not the same thing.
Today is a busy day. I have a shoot at a Krishna temple in SLC  at 4:30.  I have lots of photos to edit beforehand. I have to get photos on flash drives and get them ready to hand off to clients. I have things to put in the mail. Right now I’m sitting in a coffee shop and starting my day out right… With a cup of joe.
ikon-republik-1-7Ya know a funny thing that happens when you start loving your life and yourself… you smile at others. They smile back. This happens so much now. It’s not a nice pair of pants that make me happy. It’s not having a big home and going to parties and showing off. It’s just simplicity.. Lack of worry and trust in others. I’m happy to say this is my life now  and I love it and even more I love the love I spread!

One more thing….  last night a photographer named Jesse messaged me and asked me if I had received his files. They’re for VEGA, my magazine and I hadn’t. I decided to wait to release the magazine so I include his images in it. I’ll message him today and make sure I get them. He’s a good guy and  I know in the past I’ve been cold with lots of people, including him.

ikon-republik-1-22I feel like today so many people have this idea that they have to make money and others are a vehicle to help them get their piece of the pie. The thing is people are vehicles to get you where want to go. People are people. Somewhere along the last years I got that. The most important things in life are relationships with other people and when you’re good to others everything in your life becomes amazing! So be good to others and be grateful for everyone you know!

So if you’ve been waiting for the next issue you won’t have to wait too long.. Just a little longer.

I’ll be in Salt Lake City for a few more days.

If you wanna shoot right now photo sessions are 250. Text me. 424-202-0476

You can reach me at 


29542539_575560679468351_1293834666086801606_nIkon Republik- I live and travel in a frickin van and I founded a magazine, VEGA Magazine.   My magazine is full of beautiful nude women and soon it will include amazing articles on how to improve your life!  Out of the last 8 months, I have spent 4 of them living in the desert, under the stars and cooking over a campfire that was made with two sticks and a bow. I believe in self sufficiency and integrity. Now you know a little about who I am. My plan for touring the USA and teaching a workshop in every state is almost finished and I’m excited to start this big adventure!


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