3 Things I had to learn before I made money

I have a lot of things I want to talk about today but I’ll cool it down and just talk about a few.

15185658809_05db50fd5d_o.jpgMost photographers don’t make money. They work side jobs and they struggle. I hate seeing it and cause for along time I was there. It F-ing Sucks!
There are a few things that I learned along the way. I am not one of those people that thinks feels sharing is bad. I want to help as many photographers, and people grow, get better and make money and be happy as I can!
So here a few a few things that I helped me and I believe they can help you!

2.Veracity testing.
3.Capture System.

And don’t forget

The Profit Rule.

tumblr_nymuz7Xnb21u4lg2fo1_540 copyThe First rule of business is don’t lose money. The second rule is don’t forget the first rule!


Value– I have to create value. you have to be really good at something. You can’t me just O.k these days. You gotta be able to do something great that not everyone else can do. So find a niche and dive in and figure out how to be the best. There is nothing wrong with being in the 1% in the field of what you do.

You will either be doing something for nothing or something for somethings but doing you shouldn’t be nothing for nothing.


15748447443_fde7af953f_oVeracity testing– When I was in high school I wanted to be an artist. I drew a photo of some water lilies one day and I thought they were awesome. To me I had created something of value and when I handed it to my teacher she said,” Oh. This is nice. I’ll hang it up.” She hung it up in the janitors closet and the next day she handed me a camera. It was a Pentax K1000. I’m really grateful for her honesty.
Those water lilies sucked and because of her honest I am a pro photographer and I have a life I love. Veracity test is simply what the value I’ve created means to someone else.
So if you want to make it as a photographer in the world today you have to be bad ass. You have to be a bad ass at anything you do. I love to book Linchpin by Seth Godin. Get a copy Read it. Read it 10 times!


A Capture system

17178539298_24f30053f4_oA capture system is simply a way to offer and collect value from others… Usually in the form of money.
I created a capture system and I am in the process of creating more.
One of my capture systems is VEGA Magazine.

I wanted to find a way to sell my nude art. It’s working well! And now I am helping other photographer promote themselves through the magazine and create value for them! My future hopes are VEGA Magazine grows so big I can share the wealth with those other photographers.


14432482164_8e446f8afe_oFor those of you who think money is evil.  You are going to have to make money doing something.

Maybe you will work at Mc’ds or maybe you work and become a billionaire. I don’t know what you will do and I know how you feel about money but I see money as a vehicle to create a great life for me, the people I love and I want to rich as #%#! You can do what you want to do. You can hate money if you want and guess what. You won’t have it. Cause in the time we live in, you are not paid by how hard you work. You are paid by how much value you create for others and how much others perceive your value.

You don’t have to own your own business to be successful. You can work for someone else and be successful but you can’t be someone with little value. You can’t be the cog in the wheel. You gotta me the linchpin. You gotta be so good at what you do that if you leave everything falls apart!
The quality of your live will be determined by the value you can create and capture.

So hang out on this blog and hang out with me if you get the chance and let’s kick ass together!


Wouldn’t it be cool to have a fun photo shoot out the forest or downtown? Maybe you have a cool apartment and imagine how much fun it would be to get a few friends together and have a killer photo session! Let’s set up a multi-session!

3 or more friends (depending on where you live) can get together and set up a shoot and it’s only 150 a piece. Talk to your friends and let’s set a day and we’ll make it happen!

50 for a deposit is all I ask for.

Available till June

I’m working on setting up boudoir workshops in Multiple cities around the USA. If you think it would be cool to have me teach a workshop in your city message me! let’s talk! The cool thing about you setting it up is you will share in the profits!

Message me and let’s chat!

Call me! 424-202-0476


One last thing.. I know a lot of clients get frustrated when it takes a week or two to get their images so from now on when I shoot a session or a wedding or anything I bring my laptop and a flash drive and you give you the shots right there! I like making things easy for the people I work with!

29542539_575560679468351_1293834666086801606_nIkon Republik- I live and travel in a frickin van and I love my life! I founded a magazine, VEGA Magazine.   My magazine is full of beautiful nude women and its based around the idea of respect and soon it will include amazing articles on how to improve your life!  Out of the last 8 months, I have spent 4 of them living in the desert, under the stars and cooking over a campfire that was made with two sticks and a bow. I believe in self sufficiency and integrity. Now you know a little about who I am. I’d love to know more about you! My plan to tour the USA and teaching a workshop in every state is almost finished and I’m excited to start this big adventure! It’s almost done!



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