Photography Basics

I know the importance of having a solid foundation in life.

Understanding is the key to having a successful relationship, life and business. Learning and  understanding are different and having knowledge is different. All are part of growth.

I feel like failure is inevitable when you don’t seek out more information.

Last night I was listening to an audio-book and it said something interesting.  You are perfect for the life you are living right now, but if you want a different or better life, you are imperfect for it. Then it went on to explain the reason people get stuck and become bitter is because they feel the world should change to give them what they want without them having to do any work.

I can see how this is desirable. It don’t require much effort. And that is where I used to be. I used to run my business differently. I wasn’t consistent and I got ok results.

So if you want something different from what you have right now keep learning! Learning and growth are the keys to a great life. A life of change!

If you are trying to become better as a photographer one thing you have to understand like the back of your hand is the basics. One of the most important basics in photography is Aperture.

In the past I’ve had photographers who have run their businesses for several years and then take a basic class just so they can learn how to use their camera correctly. Good for them!

One of them said” I go to youtube and watch videos and I can’t get it! I need someone to show me in real-time. What she was saying is she needed a mentor.

Mentors are important. I have a few!

So for all of you great people out there who want to better at capturing those special images of your kids and family. For those of you who love to travel and seek out exciting adventures this is for you!

It’s a lesson on Aperture!

The aperture is an opening in the lens that you can adjust to let light more or less light in. It’s important to know this for a few reasons.

First you have know how to properly expose your photos so you don’t have photos that are too dark or too light.

The second reason is your aperture controls part how your images is going to look. It controls the Depth of field.

I’m just gonna post some photos so you can see.

This is a photo of one of my lenses. Here it is set at F/1.1


See.. F/1.1


F/1.1 is pretty big aperture. In fact people  all this lens a light sucker  because it’s kinda like a black hole and it sucks light right in!

For you Techies this is a Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.1

Using an aperture like f/1.1 or f/2.8 give you image like the two below.





But if you take change your aperture settings on your lens, or in your camera to F/16 or something similar, which looks like this….



And a view from the top of the lens…



Your photographs have more Depth of Field.. Which simply means more things are in focus.

And you get photographs like this.



So every time I pull my camera out to take a photo I have stop and think what I want to accomplish. Do I want a lot of things in focus in my photo or do I want the background to be out of focus and then determine my how to set my camera.

I hope this helped you understand a little more so you can get better images and hey! Keep in mind that you will learn a lot faster and a lot more by taking classes from me!

Have a great day and I’ll come back again and I’ll have more for you to learn.


I am so glad I took Classes from Ikon! It definitely helped me improve my photography skills. I learned about ISO, Light, F-stops, long exposures, Depth of field, white balance and most important to NEVER Shoot in Auto Mode! Great Class! Awesome teacher! So worth it! Thank you Ikon!Melanie Allington

I was impressed with all I learned in the class. Ikon has a hands on, easy-going style which I found to be most refreshing! Ikon is laid back and it’s like learning from an old friend. He even helped me sell my first print! Taking his class is money well spent!Jeff Sedwick


I’m getting a lot of referrals and I wan to say thank you for every one of them! Most of all I am grateful just to know some cool people!


I still offer personal lessons! Message me and visit my site and I have several workshops starting soon! 

Upcoming workshops in Reno, Las Vegas, Yellowstone Area and Park City!

TEXT OR CALL ME AT 424-202-0476


ikon-republik-1-18Ikon Republik- I live and travel in a frickin van and I love my life! Currently I am in Idaho but I will be moving in about a month and a half! I founded a magazine, VEGA Magazine.   My magazine is full of beautiful nude women and its based around the idea of respect and soon it will include amazing articles on how to improve your life!  Out of the last 8 months, I have spent 4 of them living in the desert, under the stars and cooking over a campfire that was made with two sticks and a bow. I believe in self-sufficiency and integrity. My website is





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