It’s Not About Money!

I woke up this morning and made my bed. Cleaned my room, Did my push ups, ate my favorite breakfast and listened to an hour of Mantras. I answered emails and texts and talked to two people about workshops. It’s my favorite morning routine.. I suggest you figure out one that works for you…
And then, because I haven’t left my place in the last few days I went for a walk down by the Snake River. It’s a great walk and I feel like this river is important for me. A lot of my life and memories have taken place around this river.
As I was walking I received a few messages. One was from a good friend Dion who lives in Texas. I am working on setting up Passive income streams for models who shoot nudes and he asked me how it was going. Good! was my answer. The first day I have already made 50 cents and I haven’t even set up the system yet. I’m already imagining when I have 200 models and I’m helping them make money and I’m getting a little part of it! I went over math in my head. If each one makes 2000 a month, which can easily reached in a few months. I make 100 off each and then times that by 200 and I’m at..20 thousand dollars a month. I got this and if you’re a model who shoots nudes message me because you could grow a business that makes 20 thousand dollars a month too…


As I was walking I received a message through Ig From a photographer who lives in Orem Utah. She told me she loves photography and she would love to do it full-time someday because it’s that the perfect dream? To do what you love for a living?
I told her it’s easier than you think..Because it is! A few things you have to know are.. you must have a system. A sales system. A system to collect and you have to care about people.
I’m talking about being more than just kind. I’m talking about getting this idea of the “Me generation” out of your head. It’s in my opinion the most destructive type of thinking we can have!


When you only think about yourself you can’t create products that are good for others. I can’t create a great workshop or a great photo if I don’t have what you want and need in mind. I can’t write a great post if I don’t have you in mind.
If I only think about myself I might as well live on an island by myself and you know what! If I have to live in an island I don’t want to be by myself! I want to be there with someone who looks like Brooke Shields! (If you get what I am saying here you grew up the 80’s! lol)

I feel like another big reason businesses fail is because they chase dollars and they don’t chase people. They don’t consider what is important to the guy sitting next to them in the bench.
They think about what they want. They want money and they don’t understand that people give you money when you do something great for them! Stop thinking about money and start thinking about how you can do something amazing for someone else!


The other day I got a little angry and someone said “Calm down”, which is not the right thing to say because it reeks of Control and manipulation. Plus there are times when you should be angry.
If the correct response for a situation is anger then you should be angry.
Let’s be straight forward though, most of the time the correct response is not anger or aggression.

If you are doing things for others they should respond in the correct way. That means when you offer a service that is valuable to others for money you should receive money.

I create amazing workshops and I do it because I care and if someone comes to me and says….. I don’t want to pay that much… guess what? I am sorry. I am sure you can find another workshop somewhere else. I am sure you can find a another photographer.
Talking to this wonder lady this morning in one of her response she used the word “Kind” That is a great word but kinds should always include fairness.

If you are beginning a business and you are struggling….. I don’t like to give a lot of advice until I know details but I tell you this. If you’re failing, It’s probably because something in you needs to be fixed or you need to change some thought or belief.


I am no better that you and if I am starting to win at life, after years of painful struggle all that tells me is I had people who cared enough to tell me the truth.

Truth is stronger than lies AND the truth will set you free.
I feel like I am living proof.
I want to share what I know with you because it’s made a huge difference in my life and one of the promises I made to myself is to make the world a happier place and to do that I start with you!
So keep coming back and share anything you find valuable because the only way you grow and create value is to share good information.

By the way! I got a haircut today. It’s been over a year since my last one. I’m happy with it. I feel like I look good for my age… and now I look a little more age appropriate!

I’ll post a photo later!

Most of the images I’ve posted lately are behind the scenes images from the last workshop I held. It was a lot of fun and you can find out more about future workshops and classes by visiting my website or messaging me!


Visit my site and I have several workshops starting soon! 

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