Advice for Men-Framing

I was thinking about guys last night and thinking about all the things we go through.

If I had to break everything down and I could only give one piece of advice and never say anything again, I would tell you about frame.

Frame is psychological concept.


I was walking in the grocery store two days ago and I walked past a woman talking on the phone. She was in her late 30’s. She had a young child with her and she was talking loudly like she wanted people around her to hear.

“You are a piece of shit. I don’t want you around and you suck at everything. You are just worthless P.o.s.”

My first thoughts were. Damn. What a terrible woman. She’s out of shape, eating unhealthy food and shaming a man, who I am just going to assume she was in a relationship with.

I feel like she thinks she has more to offer than she really does.


I also feel like this man was not using the correct frame to live his life.

First. If you are a smart man you qualify women. Don’t date anyone. Some women are not worth your time. Now girls who are reading this.. Don’t give me crap because there are men out there who you know are not worth yours.

So back to framing.

As a man you have to choices. You can either be the wimp or the bad ass.

The wimp puts women on pedestals. Wimps worship women. Wimps can’t make decisions. Wimps let women rule their lives. They don’t stand up for themselves in the correct way. They don’t understand that the reason they have shitty lives and can’t get a girlfriend is because women don’t want to date a wimp.


Part of the reason guys become wimps is because they listen to a lot of B.S that they hear or read and they are raised by women and don’t have guy friends.

We learn by Osmosis. We learn from the people we hang around and if you entire life was spent around women you probably have no clue about to be a man. And when your father was raised by a woman that doesn’t count because he can’t teach you something he doesn’t know.

If you live your life framed as a wimp you will end up being treated like the guy on the other side of that phone.

The last thing I’ll say about that woman is what I heard is her feeling life a victim. It’s sad because her frame is going to hurt her life and her child.


The other frame you can live in is the Bad ass frame. This is the frame where you stand up for yourself. You don’t put women first. You put yourself first. You respect others because you respect yourself. You don’t get upset and you have control over your emotions and you live a life of logic and inner peace and you take complete control of your life.

When you live your life in a bad ass frame you have a life full of bad assery.

One of the things that women find most attractive in men is confidence. When women destroy men to raise their value they destroy the confidence of men, they destroy the thing they want the man to be.

But men! It’s your fault if you let a women destroy your confidence. It’s ok to say no. It’s ok to see a hot girl and not want to date her because you she’s got some bad values in her life. It’s ok to tell a girls to shove it up her ass.

It’s ok to be strong and stand up for yourself. It’s ok to decide what you want and if she isn’t want you want then that’s her problem.


Don’t ever settle. Go out and have fun. Enjoy your life. Learn to care less about the things that don’t matter and care more about the things that do. Go out and be successful and don’t ever let anyone give you shit. When you do you lose your frame and you become less attractive to your future mate. Don’t let some terrible nasty women destroy your future because she thinks she’s so much more than she really is.

You will never go wrong in life by facing reality.

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Here is a link to more info on Frame.

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