Advice For Men


Yeah! I was a dating coach for a short while and one thing I learned was this…..

“Testing for genuine desire.”

When you ask a girl out and her answer is.. ok. That sucks and that is the start of a bad relationship.

If I ask a girl on a date and her answer is not Hell yeah! Or I can’t wait then it’s a no go. I’ll go on the date and that will usually be the last one.


Why is this?

It’s based on the idea that to have a successful relationship you both have to have intense desire for each other. If not it’ll fall apart. Intense desire can get you through rough parts of life.

My next thought is how do you create desire? I’ll tell you. Understanding social mechanisms/dynamics and organic biology and universal truths is a start.

If you’re a guy think about this.

Imagine you are a Bull Elk. You want to mate. To mate you have to be strong. You have to be fit and you have to fight. If you don’t you are kicked out of the gene pool.

So you start out young and you spend time practice fighting. As you get older you fight for you position in the group of bucks. Then comes the day where you fight the leader. If you win you get the harem. If you lose you could die, be damaged for life, kicked out of your tribe or you might just stick around and fight another day.


It’s still the same when  you are a man except that you don’t fight with your fists now.

You fight with statue.

What creates statue? Money. Property. Being strong and being able to provide for a woman. Not needing a woman and to a certain point not caring.


If you’re not in a place in your life where you have a benefit to someone else and you don’t have much to give realize where you’re at and take some time working on yourself and build your life first. You don’t want to be the guy who ends up in a relationship with an girl who feel… eh… About you. It’ll be worth in soon!



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