What to Wear

I was thinking this morning.. Which it seems like I spend a lot of time thinking…

I was thinking about style, class, elegance and all that jazz.

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I was thinking about my perfect life and the perfect place to live. What will home look life? What will be hanging on the wall? What kind of dog will I have and what kind of kitchen appliances will I have. One thing I am sure of is that it will be my stuff. It will be the things I want. I will create and design it and I’ve found that creating the life you want is one the keys to happiness. Another one of the keys to happiness is doing things for others.


Then I started to think about the type of woman I want to photograph.

I started to think about the perfect boudoir session and what it should look like and how it should feel.  I started to think about the lighting and the mood and how I would edit it and the completed end result! It was almost better than.. 😉



One of the questions I get constantly is what should you wear?

As much as I don’t want to come to visit you and look through your close,t let me tell you what I have found works best?

Stick with simple colors. Black and pink lingerie are best. White is good. Pick soft colors. Think style. Think Class.  Look at a few images from Richard Avedon from the 40’s and 50’s. Look for a vintage style and go for it! Wear things that are timeless!

This is the kind of woman I want to photograph.

This is the kind of woman I want to work with.

If you’re a classy girl with style I’m your photographer!

Facebook or Instagram are the easiest ways to get hold of me right now!

I dropped my phone last night and I can’t hear a thing out of it! Facebook and IG For sure!


ikon-republik-1-18Ikon Republik- I live and travel in a frickin van and I love my life! I founded a magazine, VEGA Magazine.   My magazine is full of beautiful nude women and its based around the idea of respect and soon it will include amazing articles on how to improve your life!  Out of the last 8 months, I have spent 4 of them living in the desert, under the stars and cooking over a campfire that was made with two sticks and a bow. I believe in self-sufficiency and integrity.




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