I Have A Tripod!

Last night and most of today I’ve spent building my digital marketing agency. I’m really excited! Please! Check it out! Follow and like some of the photos!

Digital MintAgency(1)

Digital Mint Media Facebook

Digital Mint Media Instgram

I’ll add my first offering tonight. I’ve set up a Facebook group. I’ve started branding and I’ve created the mission statement.  In a few days I start contacting businesses. One reason I am excited is because I love marketing. Another reason I this is a high value skill that compliment my photography. Yesterday I talked about how I’m growing my corporate and editorial business and I chose three areas to focus on. Those three areas fit perfectly into the businesses I will target for my Marketing agency!


It’s all coming together fast! It’s amazing and it’s fun and I love creating and building. I’m reaching out to a few of my creative friends in the next few weeks so I can outsource some of the areas of my marketing business because I am if someone hires me I want to the very best for them and if I can’t provide it I will find someone who can!

I’ll be busy over the next few weeks building this new business and creating new content and promoting my photography at the same time!

Stay around and be part of the excitement! Things are just starting to become fun!

I almost forgot! I have a new magazine.. Focust Magazine and both of these businesses mesh perfectly with it! Wonderful huh!

Put your

Note: When you have three businesses that compliment each other it’s called a Tripod!


Facebook or Instagram are the easiest ways to get hold of me right now!

P.S I’m also starting a digital marketing agency and the cool thing about being a photographer who runs a marketing agency? I’m sure you know what I’m getting at!

ikon-republik-1-18Ikon Republik-  I’ve lived in the desert and camped out under the stars for almost half a year! I have a van for traveling and camping. I’ve got a bed and sink in the back and I leave for weeks and travel! I love what I do! I love  meeting new people and noticing how the light hits things differently in cities that are new to me. I believe in self-sufficiency and integrity and I believe if your not living you’re dying and my ultimate goal is to leave this world in better state than I entered it in!


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