Building Rome

I was reading an article by Tony Robbins this morning. I clicked on it because the headline read,

“Tony Robbins says if you can’t answer a basic question about your business, you’re ‘failing miserably”ikon-republik-494

If you don’t know who Tony Robbins is I suggest you Google him.

In the article Three things were stated

  • Tony Robbins, a life coach, says it’s crucial to know why customers should do business with you versus a competitor.
  • Every company should fill a particular niche.
  • If a business owner can’t answer the question “Why should I do business with you versus anyone else?” Robbins said on an episode of his podcast, they’re “failing miserably.”

I agree 100 percent!

I asked myself the same question when I moved to Idaho and made a decision to start a Marketing agency and a Consulting business.

One questions I am asked a lot… still is ” Why did you stop shooting nudes.”


I made a lot of money shooting nudes. It’s enjoyable and I loved what I did so why did I stop? The answer is I want a different life. I want a more relaxed life. I want things that you don’t get when you are photographing nudes and travel all over the place.

My original thought was to start a marketing agency and it’s started.

Why did I decide to start consulting photographers? It made sense and photographers are my people. I get them. I know the struggles and I know how hard it is to start a business where you depend on your camera and skills to pay the bills. I also have a lot of experience and I taught photography for years.


It really is about money. I have asked this question over and over… “What is the one biggest thing that would change your life for the better?”

About 80% say money.. My cousin who is a truck driver needs a solution for hemorrhoids though so if you’re not a photographer this might a business opportunity to look into. Lol

Business at it core is one thing. It’s finding a way to solve problems for someone else. We offer goods or services as a solution. If you have a solution the next step is to find people to offer your solution to. The more you people you connect with who need what you offer the more opportunity you have to serve them! When you serve more you make more!


Why should you do business with me over a competitor? First. I understand you. Second. I can make your business shine! I can teach you how to set up a customer capture system that builds your client list while you sleep! And third. I want you to be successful so  I set up a program that is customized to you!

Maybe you live in a small town. Maybe you live in a big city. These things require different business strategies and I can teach you how to make your business a success! I can teach you how to get off the roller coaster! It’s sucks! I know! I’ve been there!

Photographers are my niche for my consulting business because that’s what I know! I know photography and marketing better than anything else in my life!

Now for the biggest reason you should work with me:

I will take in personally if you don’t succeed!

And because I will take it personally, I only want to work with photographers who are serious about growing their business. I only want to work with photographers who are go getter’s.


If you believe you can just think hard enough and you’ll get customers or if you buy all those get rich fast programs I’m not the guy you should be working with.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your photography business won’t be either!

If you’re ready to do things right! If you’re ready to make big changes. If you’re ready to learn and take your business to new places sign up for a free consultation.

And yes! The free consultation is where I talk to you and we both determine we want to work with each other!

Click here to Schedule your free consultation today! Just pick a time and let’s chat!


Facebook or Instagram are the easiest ways to get hold of me right now!

ikon-republik-1-18Ikon Republik-  I’ve lived in the desert and camped out under the stars for almost half a year! I have a van for traveling and camping. I’ve got a bed and sink in the back and I leave for weeks and travel! I love what I do! I love  meeting new people and noticing how the light hits things differently in cities that are new to me. I believe in self-sufficiency and integrity and I believe if your not living you’re dying and my ultimate goal is to leave this world in better state than I entered it in!


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