What is the first thing I do when I start working with a photographer to help them grow  their business?

I ask for all of your social media sites and I look at them.


For one reason. There is a lie that is told in our society and it’s spread like a wild-fire. The lie is:


“People should accept you for who you are.” Another version is, “Just be yourself” or “Don’t judge me”

Cause the truth is you’re getting judged all the frickin day! And it’s fair because we are humans and we all do it!

It’s one of the biggest lies I’ve ever heard and it’s also one of the reasons you, as a photographer might be ruining your business.

Let’s talk about Facebook.

I know we all love that one friend who posts all how stupid everyone else is because you don’t agree with them on politics or religion or they hate Rap music.

It’s all cool and dandy to have your own opinions and views but let me ask you this.

When someone makes you mad do you want to give them your  business?

I’ll bet the answer is no. Now imagine other people thinking the same thing about you!



Yeah! The first thing I do is check out your Social media and talk to you about the posts you make and how you might be giving possible clients a reason to run from you!

Another thing I look for is what I can Passive Aggressive posts.

I have to admit at this moment I have used passive aggressive posts to get rid of people I didn’t want to work with. Looking back it was wrong and there were better ways to tell people I don’t want them as customers.



I learned a lot from the mistakes I made and I don’t want you to make them.

I will look for what I call “Needy posts” and “Self depreciating posts”

One of the most self depreciating posts I see photographers use all the time will say something like, “I had a cancellation and I’m looking to fill it asap. Message me!

A needy post is… “No sessions today! Message me and let’s shoot!”


Ask yourself:

Do you think a successful photographer needs people to shoot? Do you think successful photographers gets no-shows??

Yeah they do! But guess what? In business and life, how others perceive you is reality!

People don’t want to work with photographers who are unsuccessful so don’t give them a reason to think that you are!

These posts also tell clients that it’s ok to stand you up because everyone else does!

When I stopped using these terrible tactics my no -shows  decreased to less than 5% , I starting scheduling more photo shoots and I raised my prices! So you have two options here.

  1. Expect the world to change for you. But remember there are about 7 billion people in the world so good luck!
  2. Change how you do things.

I chose the second option and if you are on those wonderful snowflakes that thinks you can be successful with option number 1 I’m not going to work with you.


This is one reason I have Free consultations. I take what I do seriously and I only work with photographer are serious about being successful!

Set up a free consultation if you’re not into living life a snowflake! What do you have to lose?

Click here to Schedule your free consultation today! Just pick a time and let’s chat!


Facebook or Instagram are the easiest ways to get hold of me right now!

ikon-republik-1-18Ikon Republik-  I’ve lived in the desert and camped out under the stars for almost half a year! I have a van for traveling and camping. I’ve got a bed and sink in the back and I leave for weeks and travel! I love what I do! I love  meeting new people and noticing how the light hits things differently in cities that are new to me. I believe in self-sufficiency and integrity and I believe if your not living you’re dying and my ultimate goal is to leave this world in better state than I entered it in!



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